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End of Project Review

I was probably the most excited entering this project as I was able to incorporate making an album cover for a friend into the process of learning photoshop, this gave me more incentive to practice and improve my skills. The two words I was given which would influence my creative process were 'a store' and 'communicates information', through my mind map I expanded on these two words to mean a brand such as a music artist communicating information about their music through their album art. I definitely challenged myself to work outside may comfort zone considering the new mediums at play and this definitely played a role when trying to manage my time as at the beginning photoshop was quite difficult to grasp as I was trying to learn all the key features in order to execute even the most basic commands. My research definitely helped when trying to figure out the colour palette I was going to use an the music artist also gave me some references to what the structure of the album cover could be. After I managed to grasp the basics of photoshop I realised many of the features suited my way of working as I had the ability to rearange and manipulate details I had made on my work later on. I feel as though my outcome does portray exactly what the music entails as much of the album plays sampling old Sega and Nintendo games as the concept of the album was lighthearted and aimed at a target audience used to digestible music. This concept was also an ode to the music artist's childhood of turning to games to avoid the complexity of the outside world, the album has simple yet Cathy beats and wordplay. My cover similarly, while not being the most complex, basks in it's own simplicity.

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