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End of Stage 1 Evaluation


The last six weeks have taught me a lot about my creative process, time management, different mediums and much more as I explored art, design and media in a series of new ways to reach a better understanding of each. The creative process given to us in the first weeks in the fine art project was something new to me and took some time getting used to, whilst I originally found it hindered my creativity I soon learned the reasoning behind the methodology of allowing chance to lead a project. This process has definitely influenced my approach going forward as I have learnt to not get caught up in one single idea but instead to spend more time experimenting and to be patient for the right pattern of thought to arrive. Whilst being pushed outside of my comfort zone in this light it has been challenging it has proved beneficial for me in the long term when entering new projects. The main area I fell short on particularly at the start of this stage was my time management when it came to allowing time for documentation before jumping to the next idea, in this way I could have been more organised early on. However, by the end of this stage I had improved in this area significantly and become more efficient in my organisation. While I was learning the new methodologies to the creative process during the fine art week and appreciating it's rationale, it was becoming more clear that fine art wasn't going to be a potential future career path.


The media and design weeks proved more interesting to me as I picked up new skills in originally foreign mediums; learning Premier Pro, After Effects and Photoshop was all very exciting to me as I could see the endless set of possibilities each new medium brought to the table. This especially brought me closer to undertsanding that a graphics pathway might be something that I am more suited to. I was more passionate in the projects and outcomes in these areas as it was something that I naturally have a greater appreciation for. My love for music too was able to be incorporated into these projects as I began to learn the steps in order to make good quality visual effects in videos and used a soundtrack to enhance the message of my work. Learning from all the artists I researched from Man Ray, Dexter Navy, Sean Baker, Shomi Potwary, So-Me, Nabil Elderkin and Storm Thorgerson, all proved extremely intriguing and beneficial when applying their methods to my own work. As a result may outcomes definitely broke new grounds for more as I experimented in the digital side of drawing and composing images. Overall, the creative journey over the last six weeks has taught me a range of skills, from developing an understanding of new programmes to time management and my creative process. It has also affirmed my interest into a graphic based pathway and inspired me to stay inspired.

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