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End of Project Review

With the fine art project weeks I originally found it a shock trying to adjust to a more restricted creative process as we were given words by chance to expand from, I understood the reasoning behind these methods as it would get us to think in a way which was out of our comfort zone and eventually I began to see results, however I possibly adjusted too late. The fine art project was the first of the art/design/media weeks and was in retrospect my most poorly time managed project for a number of reasons. Nonetheless, I still learnt from this experience and in the coming weeks my time management improved and I began to see better results. I also got in the headspace of allowing ideas to happen by chance and to be free from old habits in the decisions I make. This project was certainly a teething process for me as I was not used to working from this angle before. I learnt that aspects of this new creative process suited me, being stress free from the responsibility of having to choose a good starting point for a project was gone. However, I did miss the knowledge of having a fixed end goal and this definitely hindered my productivity. I still managed to push myself to work outside of my comfort zone as I shot a short film in order to capture the stills I would later use for my comic strip, this was a process I had never tried before and one I actually found to enjoy. Overall, I did feel as though the fine art week reassured me that I wouldn't be taking steps in this direction when it comes to future career paths.

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