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logo brainstorm 1.jpg

I originally tried to create a logo showcasing the colours of the French flag as a reference to my nationality and my family in France

personal branding 4.jpg
personal branding 2.jpg
personal branding 3.jpg
logo brainstorm 2.jpg

pictured above and below are some of my original sketches as I was brainstorming with what part of my identity I wanted to incorporate into my logo as well as what style I was going to present it in

I also tried experimenting with 3D in photoshop when expanding on my original sketches. I felt as though the 3D effect helped bring a more futuristic and slick look to my logos which would help represent the side of myself which is interested in innovation and new ideas

juventus badge.png

The badge for Juventus FC inspired my personal branding design as I felt it matched the sleek aesthetic I was looking for. Unlike this badge I wasn't limited to making the letter(s) in this case a 'J' for Juventus resemble the striped lined design synonymous with the club's previous crest or have to fit my typography into a badge-shaped border

hebrew calligraphy.jpg
personal branding 1.jpg

It also felt appropriate to draw inspiration from the Hebrew alphabet and it's calligraphic style to reference my Jewish heritage. This also gave me room to experiment with various widths in the lines I was drawing to incorporate into my logo and not just stick to one constant line thickness. This style I felt also better reflected my character and how I would like my branding to be

I decided to create my logo sans serif as to show my separatism from traditional style and thinking, I felt it presented a focus on modern principles and innovation

business card 1 side 1.jpg

front side:

When trying to design a business card I decided to use some pictures of myself taken with an infrared lens. The images show me driving in my car at night which I feel, especially with the style of the photography, suits my aesthetic. The logo is placed in the centre and presented using an off-white colour in order to be emphasised against the background while still remaining subtle in it's delivery.

back side:

For the other side of the card I decided to use a different image taken with the infrared lens and add a Gaussian blur to fade out all the details. This left me with a good foundation to add minimalistic text to and achieve an overall simplistic yet satisfying design

business card 1 side 2.jpg

Project Evaluation 


As this was a one-week project, there was not too much time to give substantial research. However, I did manage to reference how the Juventus logo inspired my final design. I tried to show some of the extent of my sketching and exploring of initial ideas. However, I could have tried to develop more than just one of the logo ideas I had. I also didn’t put too much thought into overall composition design where use of a grid might have been beneficial. I displayed adequate annotation throughout but the actual substance to this project is lacklustre in my opinion and not to the level that I can work at. I am satisfied at least with the final outcome and how the logo integrates into the business card. I also used different mediums like the photography for the background of business card. Overall this project was rushed, partly due to the time given and partly due to the passion not being there from myself. The lack of passion for this project caused the experimentation, development etc. to be lazy and asking for more.

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